SOP Graduate School — Your Ultimate Guide To Reach The Most Ambitious Goals

It seems like only last week that you were applying to college. Look at you now! You’ve covered a lot of ground, and now you’re about to apply for a graduate school. You’ve been up to this process once before, but it is time to face a new challenge.

Applying for a graduate school, you have different forms to fill out, some tests to pass, recommendation letters to gather. And, of course, you have to write a statement of purpose (SOP). SOP graduate school is the latest step you should take to achieve your goals. So, approach this task responsibly. The good news is that we are here to help you! 

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SOP Graduate School Sample — Do You Really Need It? 

Everyone who was a student knows this moment when you have to come up with a paper, but there is no single idea in your head. The graduate school SOP is a paper that can define your future life, and therefore this moment is very stressful. It is the situation when you may think that it is a great idea to use someone else’s sample SOP for graduate school. Of course, you can’t copy it since your paper should be unique. But what about some kind of inspiration?

Each coin has two sides. On the one hand, you can read the SOP graduate school sample to understand what it should look like, the main structure blocks, and what methods other students use to impress admission officers. But on the other hand, samples don’t let you be creative. When you read someone else’s ideas, it is very difficult to come up with your own ones. So, ensure that a graduate school SOP example really helps you.

Do’s and Don’Ts for Writing an SOP for Graduate School

When you’re studying at college, you deal with various essays all the time. That’s why you can cut your teeth on. However, writing a statement of purpose services is a bit different. You should write about yourself, your motivation and your feelings. You have to remember all your achievements and show the admission committee that you’re a perfect match.

That’s why we have prepared a list of helpful tips for SOP graduate school.

What You Should Do When Writing Your Statement of Purpose

  • Provide specific examples instead of general statements. When you’re writing that you have incredible time-management skills or are a leader among other students, you need to prove your words. So, define a list of the most essential skills and support them with illustrative examples.
  • Watch the volume! The chances are you have some instructions that you need to follow, and you should perceive them not as restrictions only but as an opportunity to make your paper better. For example, if you’re required to provide a short essay that consists of 500 words, it means you need to write briefly and straightly to the point. And if your paper should be longer, you can provide more detailed examples.
  • Adhere to formal language. Your statement of purpose should look professional. It means that you shouldn’t use slang words, contractions, or any other colloquialisms. If English is not your native language, you can hire a professional editor or proofreader who will ensure that your content is just flawless.
  • Start with a hooking sentence. Imagine how many papers admission officers read every day. And most of them are pretty typical, so you need to find a way to help you stand out among other candidates. Try to attract your readers from the beginning and start your paper with a hook — question, quote, joke, etc.
  • Be dedicated. Remember that graduate schools accept a limited number of students. Who are they looking for? Can you prove that you will excel in grad school? You need to show your vivid interest as well as your level. For example, write about coursework that you have taken, about some extracurricular experiences, and so on.
  • Show your motivation. Writing a statement of purpose, keep in mind the features of the specific school. Why do you want to study here? How will it help you in achieving your goals? Grad schools are not interested in students who are like nomads. You need to know where your place should be and give reasons for this point.

What You Shouldn’t Do When Writing Your Statement of Purpose

  • Don’t be generic. If you’re reading someone else’s SOP for graduate school and can say, “This paper is about me, too,” it means this paper is written badly. Your essay should tell your unique story. You’re trying to prove that you’re better than other candidates, remember?
  • Don’t rehash what’s on your CV or other parts of your application. The admission committee already knows about your grades, sports achievements, work experiences, etc. Instead, your statement should tell the story, explain some gaps, reveal your personality, and show the person behind the resume.
  • Don’t be too shy but don’t boast at the same time. Remember what your final goal is — you can’t find your place under the sun when you don’t know your strength and when you don’t tell about them. But it doesn’t mean that you should boast, try to find the balance. That’s where real examples from your life will be helpful since facts are more important than words. 

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Writing a SOP for graduate school can be really challenging. A lot of students face difficult problems during this process. For example, you have to pull an all-nighter when you lack time, and it is obviously not that good for your health. Besides, you experience stress, and we know how it feels.

So, when you understand that SOP graduate school is not your cup of tea, it would be a better idea to outsource the writing process. Focus on your real hobbies, spend time with friends, finally have a rest! You deserve it. And our professional SOP writers will come up with a decent paper for you. You can expect high-quality content, timely delivery, zero plagiarism, and affordable prices!

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